The rum in Black Magic is distilled in the Caribbean islands – the origin of rum itself – where rum has evolved from the rough tasting spirit it was centuries ago, to the refined spirit it is now.

We blend rum from the Caribbean Islands with a proprietary mix of spices and flavors. The recipe itself is a secret, one to be treasured.Taste for yourself and see it is the best tasting spiced rum available, whether mixed or served neat.

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Black Magic is beyond compare. Black Magic’s nose is creamy vanilla followed by brown sugar and mixed spices, notably cinnamon and clove. 

The taste is sweet cinnamon followed by clove and mixed spices; and it finishes with a sweet, slight oak taste and a lingering blend of brown sugar, vanilla and cloves. 

Black Magic is extremely versatile! See our drink recipe page which has a number of great cocktails and shot ideas. And get creative! Mixologists find Black Magic to work exceptionally well in a broad variety of classic and contemporary cocktails.

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